A Solution for All in One SEO Sitemap Errors

SEO xml sitemap error solution is easy

UPDATED: Added a solution for http general error 404 – not found


A Link To A Solution For All In One SEO xml Sitemap Errors

If you are submitting sitemaps to Google you might have problems.  I am posting this  link to my training on a solution for All in One SEO xml sitemap errors for future reference. I have also added a a solution for the http general error 404 -not found.

In case you’re wondering, a sitemap of your website is loaded into Google and Bing to help with search engine optimization and improve your site rankings in the search engine results.  When I created an xml sitemap of my website, using the All in One SEO plugin that comes with the website, I was not able to view the sitemap and got a pharsing error.  Then when I tried to add it into Google Webmaster Tools I got a no URLs found message and no sitemap. It just wasn’t working.

After some research I found a solution to the problem, which  worked great for me. Plus it was very simple and easy. The link above is to training I created in Wealthy Affiliate, to help others experiencing the same problems I was having.

At Wealthy Affiliate the members of the community are encouraged to help their fellow members. Providing training on tips and how to do things that will be of benefit to others, is a good way to do this. Instead of helping just one person you are helping many. I am posting it here in addition to hopefully help people on the internet who are experiencing this problem.

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