Add Jump Links To Pages and Posts

Jump from one part of a page or post to another
A post or page jump link will zip you to another part of the page.


What are Jump Links?

Have you ever scrolled down through a post and when you got to the bottom wanted to jump back to the top like I have? How about visiting a site for the third or fourth time and wanting to skip to a favorite part of a page or post? The links that let you do this are called jump links

I really appreciate websites that let me do that – – jump around on a page. And I am sure visitors to my website will appreciate it too. Because of this, I have learned how to create these links and made a short  tutorial showing how to do this.

The picture above shows one of my pages with jump links. If you would like to view the actual page and see how these links work click here


My Tutorial On Creating Jump Links

I have made this tutorial as simple and easy. .Below is a link to the tutorial:So you  can learning to create jump links on your website pages or posts, for your visitors’ convenience and benefit. Enjoy 🙂

Jump Link Tutorial


Please leave me comments below if you have any questions of problems and I will get back to you.


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