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  • Price: Free, $1.00 first month, $67 monthly, 497 for 3 years + upsells
  • Overall Ranking: 95 of 100
  • Owner: Mark Ling


Welcome Retiree


Are you  wondering is Affilorama a scam or some other kind of scheme? Will you be throwing your money away on yet another hopeless scheme, that doesn’t live up to it’s promises? Find out in this Affilorama review.

Well, after taking a look at Affilorama I am pleased by its community forum and training courses. This is not a pyramid or scamming, but a real opportunity to learn a legitimate internet business. The business of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the earning of commissions from businesses, by promoting their products on your website. A business gives you “the associate” a link to their site and if someone clicks the link on your site, and buys something from the business, you get a commission. This is a very simplified definition, but that is the basic idea.

Affilorama teaches affiliate marketing. There is a lot of information here that will benefit a newbie or an experienced affiliate. Mark  Ling the owner has put a lot of thought into this platform and has some great tools here.  Learn how to make serious money from a website, working at home or from anywhere in the world. Affilorama  IS NOT A SCAM.

FYI, A few of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I may receive an affiliate commission. (There is no additional charge to you) My reviews are based on my research and/or use of the product and are my own opinion. Regardless, my primary purpose in reviewing products or services is to help my readers make in informed decision, not to generate sales. I hope you find my reviews helpful and will support them by clicking through my links if you wish to view the products. Thank you


Affilorama is an affiliate marketing program and community, that teaches you how to build websites which make money promoting other peoples’ products. You can choose from four different courses. If you are new to affiliate marketing, I recommend the free course to start with. Then after you are up and running you can decide if you want to invest in additional instruction.


Let me go over some pros and cons.

Affilorama's free affiliate marketing lessons
Affilorama’s offers over 100 free lessons on affiliate marketing and related topics


  • Four different training courses to choose from
    • Free
    • Affilorama Premium
    • AffiloBlueprint
    • AffiloJetpack
  • Over 100 Video lessons with PDF notes
  • A Community of helpful fellow affiliates with tips and advice
  • Interviews from gurus in the industry



  • Not much interaction with owner and founder Mark Ling
  • Some products might be more expensive than others available on the web
  • Can be confusing which courses to take



As I said before, Affilorama will benefit the newbie and the experienced affiliate. I feel it is more geared to the beginner and intermediate affiliates, but there are a lot of  tools and information a practicing affiliate might find helpful. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer, but affiliate marketing  is not a get rich quick  scheme. You have to do your homework. Without the right knowledge, tools and support it can be daunting. I am going to go over some of these tools and training.



Training includes:

  • Free videos and lessons
    • Affiliate Outsourcing
    • Introduction
    • Marketing Ideas
    • Market Research
    • PPC
    • SEO
    • Site Building
  • Affiliate Marketing Glossary for those “what does that mean moments.”
  • Guruview

Tools include:

  • AffiloTools – web stats for online marketers LEARN MORE
  • AffiloBlueprint
  • AffiloJetpack



Sign up for the free trial and start learning about affiliate marketing. Then you have a choice of Affilorama Premium, AffiloBlueprint  or AffiloJetpack LEARN MORE

<img class="size-full wp-image-497" src="" alt="Affilorama Premium" width="726" height="441" srcset="https://rich-retirement viagra non 726w,×182.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 726px) 100vw, 726px” />
Affilorama Premium has everything you need to become a super affiliate marketer


Affilorama Premium Review: Want to know insider secrets? Maybe Premium is right for you. The Premium product offers super affiliate interviews and marketing strategies, over-the-shoulder training videos, monthly training magazine, Affiliate Blog Bootcamp, premium software tools, free web hosting for 15 domains, and a 60 day money back guarantee. Plus you can try it for the first month for $1.00.  LEARN MORE ABOUT AFFILORAMA PREMIUM

AffiloBlueprint Review: Want a step by step map to affiliate success? Checkout AffilioBllueprint. Mark shows you his method for success; in 90+ step by step videos and downloadable lessons and class notes. Lessons with tasks for you to perform, leading to a fantastic affiliate website. As Mark says:

In 2006 I started teaching this strategy to students like you. In fact, one of my first students was my own father.

At the age of 54 he was able to quit the stressful job he’d worked for the past 32 years and actually earn MORE working for HIMSELF than he earned in his old job.

If my 54 year old father can do this, don’t you think you could too?

Mark Ling, Affilorama founder

This also includes a private members forum, lifetime access, and three bonuses.

Affiloram's customizable WordPress theme
AffilioTheme is Mark’s beautiful WordPress theme you can customize

1. AffiloTheme, which is Mark’s custom WordPress theme, with instructions on how to use and customize it (a $97.00 value)

2. Free hosting for one year

3. One month free trial of Affilorama Premium.

This also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. LEARN MORE ABOUT AFFILOBLUEPRINT

AfllioJetpack Review How to make money and keep generating it, with a one page website and and email list. Includes AffiloTheme, three complimentary reports to generate an email list, and help with email content and an autoresponder. You can choose up to five niches from 18 profitable niches. This is not spamming, but building a relationship with the people on your email list. As they come to trust and look forward to your emails you can recommend affiliate products in your emails. Check it out there are some pluses with this plan.

  • No big website to build
  • No competition worries from other websites
  • All automated once you get it set up

This plan also comes with the regular 60 day, no questions asked,  money back guarantee plus $100.00 extra if you’ve done everything right and you can’t make money. I guess you’ve probably figured out that this product is the expensive one. $997.00. I didn’t actually try the AffiloJetpack, (I don’t have $997.00 to spare) but if you do, you might want to give it a try. If you can be making money in 60 days that is pretty impressive.You’ll have to decide if it’s worth it to you. LEARN MORE ABOUT AFFILIOJETPACK


Real human support 24/7 every day. Average response time about 6 hours, a database of over 250 frequently asked questions and a large members forum.


  • Free
  •  Affilorama Premium: $1.00 first month, $67.00 per month, $497.00 three year offer
  • AffloBlueprint: $197.00 (includes Afflorama Premium)
  • AffiloJetpack: $997.00



Rating: 95 of 100

I was quite impressed by Affilorama.  There are many great lessons and videos in this platform. Mark has done a fantastic job.

I have one concern and that is the promoting of back-links. Google is now punishing back-links and to tell people to use them on their websites could hurt their rankings. This leads me to believe Affilorama’s information might not be quite a current as it could be. I also felt it was a little pricey for what you get compared to other programs on the internet. Look at a comparison on Affilorama and my #1 program

The free lessons are more than worth a look. Affilorama is LEGITIMATE


Thank you for reading my review and check out my others. If you have any comments or questions about Affilorama please leave a message in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

22 comments on “Affilorama Review

  1. I have heard of affilorama, but for me, I think it will be too expensive for some of the other programs. I want something where I can just make one annual payment and then just keep using that system. Do you think that the Affilojetpack thing is worth the investment? I don’t really want to join something and not get everything it has to offer, I’ll always feel like I am missing some sort of vital info in that case.

    • Jacob I agree with you. I like to get everything upfront and not find out later that the product I purchased  is not as complete as I thought it was.  If this is what you are looking for and haven’t read my Wealthy Affiliate Review .… , you might want to check it out.

  2. Well they seem to have a lot of marketing tools under one roof but I was actually looking at signing up with another marketing education platform…now I’m split in two minds!
    What do you feel a marketing platform NEEDS to offer to be considered the best one out there? Could really use your help!

    • Chris

      A platform which offers one strategy than promises returns or makes you chose between several strategies when you are ignorant about marketing, is not a great platform.

      A great platform will teach you how to position yourself to attract the most customers based on your marketing method.and will keep you informed of the latest trends in marketing. It will also have a large community of fellow marketers and available experts to advise, encourage and help you when you run into problems.

      If you are interested in Internet marketing and you have not already done so, take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, which I feel is a great marketing education platform.

  3. Hello Pat, I really enjoyed your Affilorama Review. I always thought this program was a scam. I am glad I read your review, now I know it is legit. I do think it is a bit more expensive than other programs available. I think your #1 recommendation is a better bargain for what you receive. Best of Luck!

    • Hi Linda,

      You’re right. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to check out my #1 recommendation. They will get a much more well rounded education in earning money online, than with Affilorama. Especially with all the help and support that is available.

      I wish you success.


  4. Thanks for this review about Affilorama!
    I have previously heard about this program, but I did not know what it actually involved.
    it seems from your review that this could be a decent program to get involved in and learn about building an online business.
    Quite refreshing from all the scams that seem to be online these days!
    Great job!!

  5. Hi, recently I have read a few reports about Affilorama and I must say that this text is the most thorough I have seen. What I see is that all these reports agree with each other pretty well. Both pros and cons seem to be nearly the same in all texts, so I believe I have a rather accurate picture about Affilorama. Not a scam definitely, not bad after all but not perfect as well. I wonder how you would rate it in comparison with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Jovo,

      You’re right Affilorama is not a scam. In answer to your question – I find that Affilorama is more focused with it’s different products. The problem is you have to pay more to learn them all. Each product costs you more. . . With Wealthy Affiliate you get a well rounded education and pay one price. After you go premium that’s it.


  6. What I didn’t like about Affilorama is its’ upsells. I could have been okay with buying a product without free trials as long as it’s stable in its’ price without a lot of upgrades, it makes you feel used.

    But I have to say according to what I have read, it’s still one of the best program to learn to build an online business? Do you know thought, any better programs or do you think Affilorama is the best?

    • Anh,

      Thank you for reading my review of Affilorama. You are right they have too many up sells. The programs look very good but it seems like you have to buy a separate learning kit for each kind of affiliate marketing you want to learn. If you just want to focus on one approach it should be great.

      I do have a program that I am using instead of Affilorama. You can see a comparison chart here…. I am very happy with Wealthy Affiliate and for me it is the best choice, You can read my complete review in my reviews.

      Thanks. Pat

  7. Hello Pat,

    this affirmation website i didn’t know about it & i am a member of wealthy affiliate now & really comfortable with it,but as per your review looks like it has similar tools as WA, anyway great article & nice to see people sharing information to avoid scams & giving them a good choices to make money online in a safe way.

    Good luck, Ehab

    • Ehab,

      Great to hear from you

      They are similar in that they both teach affiliate marketing. I am glad you are happy with Wealthy Affiliated. Keep going with it. Wealthy Affiliate is my training platform also and I would not switch even though Affilorama looks good. Wealthy Affiliate offers me more of what I need at this stage in my education.

      Good luck to you


  8. I had never heard of Affilorama before, I have just started to try and do this kind of stuff and have started with Wealthy Affiliate. I guess the thing I would be most curious about would be the direct comparisons and contrasts between the two. If there were any major differences that could determine which might be the better route for someone.

    • Devin,

      I would stick with Wealthy Affiliate as you are already started with it. It is my favorite and an awesome program. I feel it gives a more well rounded education.

      The best way to compare the two would be to also read my Wealthy Affiliate Review under the reviews on this website. I also have a short comparison chart of Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama if you look under the “Reviews” menu in the heading and then “Internet Business Training” and then “Comparisons”.


  9. Looks like Affilorama has improved a little bit, but why are they still so expensive!? The $1 trial is new.

    Are they still pushing that Traffic Travis program on people? I think it was some kind of SEO helping program that showed you ways to optimize your site, but it wasn’t good.

    • Vitally,

      Affilorama is now recommending their new Affilotools, although they still have a knowledgebase on Traffic Travis. I also saw some comments to use both Affilotools and Traffic Travis because they use different sources to generate their information.


  10. This was an interesting article. The product you are reviewing reminds me of a lot like Wealthy Affiliate. This seems pretty pricey tho. In your opinion how would rank or compare the two? Or can you? Also if someone is already with Wealthy Affiliate should they consider Affilorama? Im interested to hear your thoughts on this as this seems like a good product to further advance my skills in affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing this product

    • Yves,

      Thank you for your comments. I rate Wealthy Affiliate as 98.5 and Affilorama as 94. There is much more upsell on Affilorama and you don’t get as much for your money. If someone is already with Wealthy Affiliate as I am, they can consider signing up for the free lessons etc. for a little more information, I enjoyed reading some of the lessons and found them informative. I would not switch to Affilorama from Wealthy Affiliate. If someone would like a comparison they can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review at and do their own comparison.


  11. Hey Pat,

    Great to meet you. I was very intrigued by reading your article. For such a long time, I’ve have never come across a great training course that thought me what I needed to know. Yet now in the last month, I have seen 3 amazing programs that teach you how to build YOUR business the right way, and this is one of them. I like the way you went indepth into what Affilorama really is.

    Keep writing reviews this way, it’s very helpful!

    • Hi Ahmad,
      Nice to meet you to. Yes,there are some great training course out there, some not so great and some outright scams. Affilorama has quite a few good points. If someone is looking for a good affiliate marketing course; they really need to check a lot of reviews and do their research before they commit to one, especially if it is expensive.

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