Can’t Decide On A Niche?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which way to go.

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If You Can’t Decide On a Website Niche – Go To Bootcamp

Sometimes it hard to make up your mind on a niche. If you haven’t found the perfect  website niche yet. Don’t worry it will come to you. In the mean time, Bootcamp might may be something to do, while you are trying to decide. Bootcamp doesn’t cost anything to join and you will receive website and affiliate marketing training. And the best part is you can earn commissions. That’s right, you can build a website and earn commisions with it.

Bootcamp commissions are recurring commissions. This is great because recurring commissions are paid to you every time a recurring payment is made. In other words, with monthly payment you are paid monthly (or yearly for a yearly payment).  As long as they continue to pay, you receive comisions.

Here’s How Bootcamp Works

  1. Someone visits your website
  2. Clicks a link to the website you are affiliated with
  3. Later becomes a paying member  –  with monthly or  yearly payments
  4. Your receive a commission – monthly or yearly
  5.   As long as they stay a member, you will have a continuing income.  Pretty cool right!


And The Commissions Aren’t Pennies On The Dollar Either

As a free or “starter” member your commissions are almost 24%.

 Starter Member Commissions:

Save your pennies you can earn money online for free
If you’re counting your pennies you can earn money online without spending any of them.
  • $11.75 recurring monthly (you will receive this every month they pay a membership fee)
  •  $87.50 recurring yearly (yearly payment as long as they remain a member)

Paying Member Commissions Are Double The Free Commissions

Paying Member Commissions:

  • $23.50 recurring monthly
  • $175.00 recurring yearly


Sound Good? Want to Know What You Will Be Promoting?

You will be promoting Wealthy Affiliate.   Wealthy Affiliate is a online site providing website and affiliate marketing training for anyone interested in an online business. Bootcamp is Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program for it’s members.  Members who choose the Bootcamp starter course will receive two websites, hosting, lessons, videos  and support – all for free.

Most affiliate programs put a time limit on how long a period of time after your visitor comes to their site they will pay you.  I believe Amazon’s time limit is measured in hours. Wealthy Affiliate has lifetime cookies. That means that as long as their computer cookie is still active when they join as a premium member, you will get paid – even years down the road.

Just imagine how these commissions can add up.  If you can get one signup, I’m sure you can get more. Ten sign ups is $117.50 every month.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but if you keep building your website it will increase. These commissions are available to you as a free member.  So you see you can earn money without having paid a penny. So if you are having trouble deciding on a niche, check out Wealthy Affiliate and their great affiliate program, Bootcamp.  You can take a look at Bootcamp here. It is an awesome affiliate program.

Weakthy Affiliate has an excellent affiliate program
Wealthy Affiliate has the best affiliate program of any affiliate training program




Find out more about the great opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate and their free website training and Bootcamp now


I would love to hear anything you have to say about the Bootcamp or if you have questions. Please feel free to leave comments below. Thanks for reading my post.




4 comments on “Can’t Decide On A Niche?

  1. Travis Smithers

    May 15, 2016 at 2:32 pm Reply

    When you consider how much you make from some of the affiliate programs out there, you are totally right about the amount of money you can make with boot camp.

    Most other affiliate programs pay a one time fee then they keep the customer for themselves, and you need to keep bringing in more people.

    With boot camp, you can keep collecting from your initial efforts which are great, so I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent opportunity.

    • Travis, You are so right.

      I hope more people take advantage of this great opportunity. There are no obligations if you want to try it out and start a membership.


  2. Hey PLH,
    This is an excellent on how start affiliate marketing- When you don’t have a niche, you can always choose a program you like and become an affiliate for them as well.

    I tried becoming affiliate for countless make money online programs but the most rewarding experience is the one I have promoting WA. There is no such thing as the perfect niche, only one that you love doing.

    • Riaz,

      It has been rewarding helping others learn about the internet and how to build a website for free.

      Sometimes we get so caught up in finding something that’s perfect we overlook other possibilities and end up frustrated and unhappy.

      Bootcamp can be a great starting point to a successful niche business.Teaching all about the process and how it works as a money earning website is built.

      Thank You for your comment. I wish ;you success,


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