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How to check website keyword ranking
There is a lot of competition on the web. Find out where you stand in the website marathon – check website keyword ranking



Do You Want To Check Website Keyword Ranking On Google?

This is something anyone can do. If you have your website out on the internet and indexed in google you can check keyword website ranking. Have you have ever wished to do this? I am going to show you a tool you can use to check  how your website is ranking for keywords, not just on your own site, but the keywords in any domain. This is very simple, fast and easy.  You can take any website’s keywords and view how the site is ranking for them.  By just entering a keyword or keyword phrase plus the domain name of your website. Presto! there’s your keyword rank. Plus on the right hand side of the page your website is shown in it’s position on the google search results page. Pretty cool 🙂

Let’s Try It Out With A Keyword Phrase

I have a webpage that I did recently which shows a solution I found. I was very frustrated getting my website sitemap to work.  It wouldn’t show in my WordPress view screen or in Google Webmaster Tools. Following some research I finally got into work. After I figured out what to do, I made a small post to share the solution with others on the web, who were having the same problem. The post is called A Solution for All In One SEO xml Sitemap Errors and you can view it here.

I am using this as my keyword phrase. Let’s see how the keyword phrase is ranked.  With the tool all I have to do is type “A Solution for All In One SEO xml Sitemap Errors.”  into the keyword box and my domain name “”, into the domain box.

enter keyword ro ranking
Enter the keyword or phrase you are trying to rank




Position 7 page one keyword rank
Yah! I’m on page one for keyword rank

Wow! It shows me in position seven on page one. I’m really happy about that. I like any position I can get on page one. The first time I typed it in I had a typo  “sit map” instead of “site and it still came up the same.



How About Some Variations Of The Keyword Phrase


Different keyword phrases give different results
You can check rankings for variations of your keywords

Of course the chance of someone typing all that into Google for a search is pretty rare. Let’s try some other variations.

  • solution for seo xml sitemap errors
  • all in one seo sitemap error
  • all in one seo sitemap errors

As you can see I have different rankings depending on the keywords I put in. Some better than others. Look at the difference just from having the “s” on the end of errors.


The Keywords And Keyword Phrases Are Saved In A List


keyword rankings can change
Look how my first example near the top of the page, has dropped from 7 to 8 since Dec. 3

A helpful feature saves my searched keywords and their rankings in a list. It’s convenient not to have to copy and paste a list into another application. It’s right there at my fingertips on the the Site Rank page.

With this feature, I can click on a keyword again and see how it’s ranking has changed either up or down. This is indicated with a green arrow for up and a red arrow for down. The amount of change is also noted. I don’t have to do any calculations. You can see that my “A Solution for All In One SEO xml Sitemap Errors” has dropped from number seven to number eight between Dec. 3 and Dec. 5

Looking Up Rankings Can Be Informative And Sometimes Surprising

Suppose your keyword isn’t performing as you thought it would. Now that you’ve found out you have a problem, you could take steps to improve your rankings. Such as making sure your keyword is in the title, the meta description and the first paragraph. Checking keyword rankings will let you know what is working on your site and what is not.

Anyone can do this. You saw  how easy it is. All you need is the proper tool and you can do it too. I bet you are wondering how to get one of these fantastic have come to the right place. I am going to tell you. I have talked about this tool on some of my other posts and you may have guessed it already. It is the Jaaxy Pro Keyword Tool.

Try It For Free

If this was the only thing this tool, did it would be a fantastic tool. But this is not the only thing this tool can do. It has many other helpful features which I know you will love. Jaaxy has everything you need to discover fantastic, keywords for your niche and manage them in lists for future reference. Try out Jaaxy for free. You can do 30 searches to try it out with no credit card or obligations. Discover how your keywords are ranking. Find out about the other awesome features in my  Jaaxy Pro review  where you can sign up for 30 FREE searches to try it out.

Jaaxy Pro Site Rank page
This is what the Jaaxy Site Rank page looks like.


I hope this post has been helpful. If you would like to share your insights on keyword rankings or have a question, please leave a comment below.


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