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This Post is NOT About Starting a Business Selling DVDs 

It is about how to sell DVDs that are taking up space. DVDs that you would rather use for other stuff. DVDs you will never watch again and that you don’t want any more. If you want to make a little cash from your old DVDs, you have come to the right place. (If you are interested in an online business click here.)


Row of DVD's


Do you Own  DVDs You Want to Get Rid of – Like I Do?

Rather than just throw them out, I thought ” Why not sell them and make a little money?”

I didn’t want a garage sale or Craigslist, so I did a little research on how to sell DVDs online.  To get the best prices, Ebay and Amazon are good options, especially if you have popular DVD’s or collectable ones that are hard to find. Do a little research on line and at Amazon and Ebay to see if what you have is selling and for how much. Then you can decide if if is worth your time, money and effort to market them yourself.

There is also another option that will generate quick cash without the hassles and fees, but you will be selling at a discount. There are online companies that buy used DVDs for resale.

The links in this post are NOT “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will not receive an affiliate commission. My reviews are based on my research and/or use of the product and are my own opinion. They are only for your convenience. I hope you find these reviews helpful.

Let’s Look At One of Them decluttr.


Decluttr is easy to use
It’s easy to sell your CDs, DVDs and Video games at Decluttr


Decluttr ( will buy ANY CD, DVD, Blue Ray or Video Game from anybody. Just enter the bar code on the back of your DVD to find out the price they will pay. Their purchase price is determined by a number of factors; including how many of that item they have on hand, what that item is selling for on eBay and Amazon and how quickly that item can be sold

Decluttr has a free app bar code/price scanner
Decluttr has a free app bar code/price scanner


They also provide a free bar code app for andriod or iphone so you can scan the bar code with your phone to receive an instant price.



Everything is FREE Including the Shipping.

When you place your order you will send you a UPS mailing label, in the mail, to place on your package. Payment is by check or direct deposit into your bank account whichever you wish.


It’s as Easy as One Two Three

  1. Enter your bar codes, get your prices, confirm your order
  2. Pack your items, attach the free shipping label, send it off
  3. Receive your check.

What could be easier?


Decluttr's barcode/price box
Customers get an instant purchase price by entering their bar code


There Are Some Restrictions

  • Of course items must be in good condition
  • An item must have its original artwork.
  • An order must be a minimum of ten items or have a value or $5.00.
  • The maximum order is 500 items. but you can create another order if you have more than this.


Another Buyer Is Second Spin


Second Spin trade in page
Second Spin buys CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays and Video Games



Second Spin ( also buys CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays and Video Games. Items are priced by bar code. Just enter your items barcode to view what they will pay you. Second Spin doesn’t offer free shipping, but will reimburse you USPS media rate up to a certain amount depending on the number of items and pricing.


Payment is By:

  • Store Credit within 3 day of receipt and processing of order
  • Check send within 3 days of receipt and processing of order
  • Paypal account payment within 3 days of receipt and processing of order


Buying Used Music and Movies at Second Spin

In addition to selling your DVDs here you can also BUY used  movies and music as well as games. There is a neat feature called My Stuff, where you can list your music and movies and keep track of their current value – and if you decide to sell, all you have to do is check a box.  Now that you have gotten rid of your unwanted dvds, blurays and games you have room for some of the ones you’ve been wanting to buy. Second Spin has fantastic deals.Visit their website you won’t be disappointed.


Amazon Trade In Is Another Option


In addition to selling it yourself on; Amazon has a trade in program through a third party merchant, who will buy your DVDs. DVD trade in list
First page of Amazon’s list of trade in DVDs they will accept.


Items must match exactly, the items on the in list.  The list displays the maximum amount you could receive if your DVD is in perfect condition. You must have an account with Amazon and payment is in the form of an Amazon gift card. Not as good as cash but who can’t find something they can’t live without on Amazon

In addition to DVDs you can also trade in textbooks, electronics and video games. Check out your trade in  on

If you would like add ideas for selling DVD’s online please leave a comment below



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