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Meet The Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate














Kyle and Carson


These are the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate and they are the reason Wealthy Affiliate is such a user friendly learning environment. They are here to show you how to success with an online business.

They are both very down to earth, tell it like it is kind of guys, who make themselves available to members in the Wealthy Affiliate community who need their help.

Their personal involvement  is one way Wealthy Affiliate is unlike other online business training platforms. There are very few – if any, other programs online where you can contact the actual owners/founders and ask for their assistance and guidance.

Committed To Helping You Succeed Online

Wealthy Affiliate has been committed to teaching you how to succeed with your online business for eleven plus years and is still going strong. Kyle and Carson founded Wealthy Affiliate back in September of 2005, when they were both already successful online entrepreneurs.

Since then, they have been constantly improving and fine tuning their training platform.  Just recently they added free spam blocking and SSL encryption services for their hosted member websites. Wealthy Affiliate is not going away.  It just gets better and better.

Everything You Need To Help you Succeed

Many other training programs will give you lessons but if you run into a problem or have a question, where do you turn? Here there is a community of thousands of helpful people, just like you, who will jump in to explain, suggest and support you if you just ask. The community is composed of people of all experience levels from beginners to experienced, successful entrepreneurs.  This vast community is also contributing training, lessons and videos to enhance the fantastic lessons and training from Kyle and Carson. This is an ongoing process and new training is added daily to ensure the  timeliness of the information.


Jay at Wealthy Affiliate













And I don’t want to forget Jay and his his live video classes. In addition to Kyle’s and Carson’s training, every week Jay gives an hourly webinar which includes a question and answer session. Jay lets you watch him as he builds websites, finds niches, critiques websites  and much more.

Here is a link to one of Jay’s webinars: 10 Success Tips From Jay’s 10 Years at WA

What Is The Missing Ingredient To Your Success?

But there is one more important thing you need. You can have all the training and assistance in the world, but you also must have the right attitude if you want to succeed on the internet. A successful business online is just like any other business.

If you were starting a brick and mortar storefront business would you expect customers to flock to your store the minute it opened? Would you expect to make money right away? No, of course not. You would expect to have to advertise and build a clientele. You would expect to build your business over a period of time.

The missing ingredient of a successful online business is to think of it as a business. You will have to put in the hours, as you would with any business and have realistic expectations. You are  building a business so don’t get discouraged if you don’t make a fortune overnight.  If you approach it as a business and not a get rich quick scheme you can succeed.

You can succeed on line
You can succeed on the internet

Kyle shares what he learned in his first 14 years about succeeding online.

So go out there and have fun, work hard and build your fantastic online business. I wish you success.

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