Jaaxy Pro Review – What is a Keyword Research Tool For ?

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UPDATED 2017  Jaaxy updated to version 3.0 – why you should become a member before September

Jaaxy Pro Is A Good Example of What A Keyword Research Tool Is For

A keyword research tool will to make your life easier when you are searching for all those wonderful keywords for your website SEO. That is what a keyword research tool is for after all. There are many great keyword tools out there. I am not going to go into them all here. I will mention that if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate or are thinking about becoming a member, Wealthy Affiliate has a free keyword tool included in their program that is pretty good. However, this review if focused on my all time favorite keyword research tool – Jaaxy Pro. I am going to show you why it is my favorite. Just read on and I am sure you will agree it has some awesome features.

Jaaxy Pro Keyword Tool – My Favorite Keyword Tool

Here is a screenshot of a Jaaxy Pro  search I did for an example keyword  “easy dog training”. Let’s look at the different columns and what they mean.

Keyword search results in Jaaxy
Jaaxy Keyword Tool results for the keywords easy dog training.


With Jaaxy you will find it very easy to find awesome keywords. Jaaxy  Pro gives you monthly traffic, a keyword quality index, competing website numbers, estimates of first page search rankings, domain availability and more.


  1. The first column shows the keyword that was typed in and other closely related keyword you might also want to consider.
  2. Avg = The average monthly searches for this keyword. Ideally an amount over 100 but lower amounts will work just fine.
  3. Traffic = The amount of traffic per month you can expect if you are in number one position on the first page.
  4. QSR =Quoted Search Results the number of competing websites ranked on Google for these exact keywords. the lower the number the less websites you are competing with (may vary from a Google search due to your location and IP address)
  5. KQI = Keyword Quality Index a green is great, yellow is okay and red is not good
  6. SEO = The ability of the keyword to rank on the first page of a search based on traffic and competition. Ranked from  1-100. 100 is best.
  7. Domains = Domain availability for the three major domains .com, .net and .org
  8. Toggles between Related and Brainstorm
    • Brainstorm = A list of ideas you create using the Brainstorm feature
    • Related = Keywords that are related to your keyword

When you look at easy dog training you can see it has a yellow dot. Which means it is not a good choice for a keyword. When you look at the QSR or competing websites you can see there are 253. Your chances of getting your website on page one of the Google search results is not good. When you look at the list you can see that there are keywords with lower completion(QSR) and although the traffic is not as ideal, at least you would stand a chance of getting on page one and getting some traffic.

Brainstorm Feature

The Brainstorm feature allows you to make lists of keyword ideas from the current most popular keyword searches from Google, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Tweeter Trends. You can view this list while you are using the Search, to explore keyword potentials and get ideas for posts and niches.

Jaaxy brainstorm provides popular keyword and niche ideas
The Brainstorm feature gives you ideas for popular keywords and a place to save them for future use


Other Wonderful Features

  • Alphabet Soup – will perform an alphabet soup search on the keywords you type in
  • Saved Lists – save keywords from your searches to lists for review later
  • Search History – view your search history
  • Search Analysis – analyze the top 10 competing websites from Google, Bing and Yahoo for your keyword
  • Affiliate Programs – find affiliate programs for your keywords in Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River and Click Bank if you are doing affiliate marketing.
  • Site Rank – check the site rankings of an existing website’s keywords for your site or someone else’s. Saves keyword rankings for future comparison.


This Fantastic Keyword Tool Comes in Three Versions-Free, Pro and Enterprise

Pro and Enterprise have basically the same features, but Enterprise is faster gives more results and allows data sorting. I use Jaaxy Pro and am very happy with it but if you ar looking for a real time saver go with Jaaxy Enterprise. See the Jaaxy 3.0 features here

Chart of Jaaxy Pro, Enterprise and Free compared
Jaaxy has three versions to meet everyone’s needs



  • FREE = free
  • PRO = $19.00 month, $199.00 year (Sept 1 2017 the price will go up to $49 mo/$499 yr)
  • ENTERPRISE = $49.00 month, $499.00 year (Sept 1 2017 the price will go up to $99 mo/$999 yr)

With the free version you can do 30 searches and the features are more limited.

Find out more about Jaaxy visit the website

Type in your keyword below to try out Jaaxy and sign up for your 30 free searches. No credit card required.

I know this is a lot of information to absorb so, if you have any questions of comments please leave them below.

Thank you for reading


19 comments on “Jaaxy Pro Review – What is a Keyword Research Tool For ?

  1. The Jaaxy crew truly know how the world of affiliate marketing works and they give you cutting-edge technology that completely blows other keyword tools out of the water. It may not be the most popular keyword tool out there, but if anything, that’s just an advantage for those who do use Jaaxy, they have more of an advantage over the competition.

  2. Thanks for the informative review. Just for clarification, does the price increase that was placed in September affect jaaxy members who have had the jaaxy product before September? I got Jaaxy way back in late 2016, will I be paying $19/month for life, or will I have to pay $49.99 for the pro version now due to the price increase? What I mean is, does it effect everyone, including earlier members?

  3. Nice article on Jaaxy. Just the time alone you save not only searching for good keywords, but the right keywords, makes the cost of this very reasonable. LIke your very complete explanation of all the columns. I thought I knew it, but I learned a couple things here. i’d recommend Jaaxy to anyone who’s interested in the the business of online marketing.

  4. Hi Pat,
    I am actually a Jaaxy user and you give good information here on this product, which is truly worth it (and if you can get it at the original price it is a steal) But for $49 it is a fantastic tool that will assist you in getting great keywords for your website, and you will be able to see competing sites as well as many other features. A really good tool for your online business tool box!

  5. Ranking in search engines seems to be incredibly difficult these days – I use plenty of tools but still my search engine optimization seems to be lacking in something. I’m going to look further into this jaaxy – I don’t mind the monthly price of it as long as it helps. Has it helped you rank so far?

    • Hi Chris,

      When ranking in search engines, I feel the most important element is your website content. If you have relevant, informative and interesting content – and as you become an expert in your niche – your rankings will improve.

      It is also helpful to home in on a specific area of interest and not be too general. That way you will target people who are interested in exactly what your website is about. Say for example – if you were selling a used car. Would you say “used car for sale” and hope for interested buyers? Of course not. You would be much more specific, because your want to find the person looking for what you have to offer, a “1965 red Mustang with low miles in fair condition”. There may be millions of people out there interested in used cars, and you will be competing with all those big name used car dealerships. By narrowing your focus to Mustangs you have a much better chance of ranking higher and attracting someone who wants your car.

      So it is with a website. Consider who you are competing with for the rankings.Jaaxy is a great tool for this. Jaaxy makes it easy to check where you are ranking and also to checkout the competition. With Jaaxy you can home in on useful keywords and view the traffic and competition. This gives you a head start in choosing a niche which will give you higher rankings and lower competition.

      So while tools can be helpful choosing topics and monitoring rankings, it is fantastic, targeted content which will best boost your rankings. Put your emphasis on building the most awesome website you can and the rankings will come.


  6. Wow this seems to have a lot of parameters to get your head around…but I suppose that’s a good thing in the long run (the more information to take on your competitors in the long run!).
    I like the sound of the trial run but do you feel the premium membership is worth it in the long run?

    • Hi Chris,

      I find Jaaxy is a very use tool. The premium membership is great if you have a lot of keyword research to do and like the convenience of sorted lists and also the extra speed. At this point I am just using the regular Jaaxy membership.

  7. Amazing review on Jaaxy Pro! You go into great depth to explain exactly what a keyword research tool is and why one would need it. This is very valuable information!

    You helped me so much choose my website, niche, and keywords. Thank you for all of the insight! Keep up the great writing!!

    • I’m glad I could help. I hope you are doing well with your website.:)

      jaaxy is an awesome tool for researching your keywords and their rankings in the search engines.

      Thanks for the comments and taking time to read my review,


  8. Hi Pat,
    This article of why a keyword tool is needed and your review of Jaaxy were very detailed and helpful. You helped me understand the process of keyword research and just how important Jaaxy keyword tool can be for my site. It is also very affordable with the plans provided, I like that I can use it for free before I decide to subscribe to it. I can see if it helps my rankings and visitor numbers before I ever pay a dime, that’s a bargain. Thanks for the info, it’s appreciated.


  9. Hi. You mention that over 100 searches a month is better”. Is there a way to measure how many times my website or a reference to my website came up in search engine results? If so, how can I obtain such information? Thanks for the good explanation of Jaaxy. I should probably use Jaaxy more often. I have used the 30 free searches option and that seemed to be quite helpful. This article provides useful detail and how-to instructions that are very practical and immediately applicable. It’s nice to actually be able to try the Jaaxy tool at the end of the article. Thanks.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. There are many ways to check how many times people are looking at your website. A good free one I use is Google Analytics. It will show you all kinds of information on your websites traffic. With the All In One Seo in a website here at Wealthy Affiliate it is very easy to set it up.


  10. thanks for the informative post. keyword research is the most important thing when it comes to creating a website. I’ve heard of jaaxy before but didn’t know that there where that many other features included, seems like such a powerful keyword tool. I’ve just started building my first website so don’t have the money for jaaxy at the moment but will definitely considering signing up if my website becomes successful.

    • Adam,

      Thanks for the comment. Jaaxy has some awesome features I think you will find helpful when you sign up in the future.

      I wish you success,


  11. Hi Pat,
    I’m all for saving time no matter what I’m doing. I am fairly new to blogging and so this seems like sorting that’ll help and give me more time to write articles.
    I have put some searches into Jaaxy (using the 30 free searches – I have 11 left!)and it seems to be a useful tool.
    However, I am at the moment struggling to justify the $19 per month as funds are particularly tight. I suppose my question is whether or not I should scrape the money together and take the plunge? Is it really goi,ng to make a huge difference to me or should I continue using Google etc
    I’d really appreciate some guidance, many thanks

    • Dylan,

      As you are just getting started and are short of cash I think you should use the free WA Keyword Tool, It will give you the basics, searches, traffic and competition from Google. This will work fine for you. Then when you can afford it you can sign up for Jaaxy..

      Thanks for the comment,.


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