The Bring the Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh

  • Price: $7.00 = 7 day trial, $87.00 = lifetime, one time fee
  • Overall Ranking: 92 of  100
  • Owner: Kelly Felix

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Are you looking for an internet opportunity, but are afraid of being scammed? Are you wondering about Bring the Fresh? The Bring the Fresh Review I am giving you here, will help you decide if it might be something that will work for you. It definitely has worked for others. However, this is NOT a “get rich overnight” scheme it will take lots of elbow grease and hard work to succeed. If you apply yourself, work hard and follow the steps in order, you have the best chance of success. 

First off, the owner Kelly Felix is a very successful internet entrepreneur. Together with Mike Long, another successful entrepreneur, he created Bring the Fresh. Their goal was to teach others how to become successful internet marketers.  In Bring the Fresh they reveal their methods in direct and to the point terms. Using PDF documents, videos, webinars and interviews,  they walk you through the processes of how to find  keywords and profit from them and how to create websites that rank in the top positions on Google search pages, I recommend Bring the Fresh it IS NOT A SCAM!

Kelly Felix of Bring the Fresh
Kelly Felix the owner of Bring the Fresh is often on the forum giving advice


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Bring the Fresh is a step by step internet training program for affiliate marketers, with a helpful community forum and owner participation. It teaches you to make simple, profitable websites. The training is updated  regularly.

The emphasis of the training is on SEO optimization of websites for high google ratings and the monetizing of those websites. Kelly Felix could be considered THE expert in SEO optimization.  You are learning from one of the best. He is also available on the forum for help and guidance. This is rare in a lot of the internet training platforms.



Let me go over some pros and cons.


  • The Fast Start Guide for trial members (70 page ebook)
  • How to find and target keywords
  • Many Guides and Videos
  • Training in PPC(Pay per Click) marketing
  • Easy website building and setup instructions
  • Website templates
  • Friendly, helpful forum of 20,00 members



  • Too many up sells (they are not required to succeed)
  • No free trial (although there is a 60 day money back guarantee)
  • Domains and hosting not included




There are a number of other tools or upsells, which will be offered to you for an additional fee. Personally I feel there should be no surprises of added fees. It is annoying. Everything should be disclosed up front. Or at least you should know you have an option of other tools available for additional charges.

Some of these include:

  • A back link  program if you want more back links $300
  • A ready built, high ranking website $500-$2500
  • Personal mentoring
  • Project Profits successful website case studies $197
  • Full Disclosure $396 or $66 per month for 6 months





Bring the Fresh  can be used by beginners or experienced affiliate marketers. Even advanced entrepreneurs can pick up some tips and tricks. For beginners It is not quite as user friendly as some other programs which offer free trials, websites and hosting.  No special knowledge of coding or tech skills are needed. Everything is simple enough for a beginner. If you want a no frills blueprint for affiliate marketing success this could be for you.




It definitely does work. A quick look online will show there are many testimonials of financial success achieved through the Bring the Fresh methods. You might not make the six figure earnings shown in the testimonials, but if you work hard, it is possible.  In the first few months you might be making only a couple of hundred a month or less, but you could be making more. If you put in the time, the effort and follow the steps, will it make you rich? That depends on you.



As noted before, good support – both from the community forum and the Kelly Felix, will keep you motivated and on track for success. There is also a support page and the forum contains FAQ. Or you can ask your own.



  • $7.00 trial
  • $87.00 lifetime, one time fee




Bring the fresh is a good product and well worth the money. for the basic starter kit. However, until you are more familiar with what you are doing. I would suggest saying away from the up sell products.  You could end up spending a lot of money.

Many successful internet entrepreneurs got their start at Bring the Fresh. I recommend Bring the Fresh to anyone who wants to learn about SEO optimization and making money online with high converting websites. Why not give it a try for 60 days, because you have nothing to lose with the 60 day guarantee.

Rating: 92 of  100

Bring The Fresh is LEGITIMATE


Thank you for reading my review. If you have any comments, questions or your own review about Bring the Fresh, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

5 comments on “The Bring the Fresh Review

  1. Dear Pat,

    Thanks for the thorough review on Bring the Fresh and I wanted to give you a thumps up. You have addressed all the details I need to know. I’ve tried out many other programs online and failed to make any money with all of them. So I always read reviews about products to gain more knowledge before buying it. Your review is very helpful I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks again.

    Your Friend,

  2. Hi Pat:

    I had not heard of Bring the Fresh. Thank you for the new found knowledge of the opportunities that are out there for beginners and advanced internet entrepreneurs. I would prefer it to offer a free membership to start so users can see for themselves if it is right for them or not. I might have to look into it. I agree however that all of those upsells are rather irritating. Is the training provided by only the owners or can you also learn from more the veteran members on the Bring the Fresh platform? Sometimes it is nice to have a diverse pools of trainers to pull from because everyone has different learning styles and philosophies.

    Are there any incentives (other than making money)? For example, if you are a veteran member and produce some training (assuming it is an option) for the Bring the Fresh community, can you either get paid or have your membership waived?

    I think it is annoying that hosting is not included because that can become rather expensive over time.

    Thank you again for the awesome information. Have an wonderful day!


    • Hi Steph,
      I agree with you that a person should be able to try something for free before they buy it. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it. So any program that lets you have a free trial gets top points in my book. As to the ability for knowledgeable members to receive benefits for the training they create; as far as I know, Bring the Fresh doesn’t offer this. The program I am a member off, Wealthy Affiliate, does however offer both of these features – as well as free hosting. You can check out their review here at my Rich Retirement website.


  3. Which is the best product to make money online, that has the best relation in quality and price? I don’t like the upsells are very expensive.

    • Hi Nataly,

      The best product to make money online would depend on the method you plan to employ. If you are selling a physical product you would still probably need a website, but it would be a different kind of website from one used for affiliate marketing. For myself, I am interested in affiliate marketing and my favorite program for that is Wealthy Affiliate. See my reviewed here
      Basically everything I need is included.

      Good to hear from you,

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