What is EZ-Net Tools?

Succeed with EZ-Net Tools


  • Price: free website training=$0.00 (website$19.95 , 29.95 or 49.95 per month
  • Overall Ranking: 94 of  100
  • Owner: Bruce Eckman

What is EZ-Net Tools – Is It A Scam?

EZ-Net Tools is NOT a scam. It was started to help business websites succeed. As you have probably found out, website business success can be frustrating.

  • Do you want a business website, but are you a little hazy on what that entails or how it all works?
  • If you already have a web business, is it as successful as you hoped it would be?

If you want help with these questions then you have come to the right place. EZ-Net Tools is a suite of software tools and hosting services combined with technical support, which was created to help you succeed with your online business. With a range of services from customer created and maintained  websites to custom designed and managed  businesses; EZ-Net Tools fits anyone’s needs.

In this review I am going to tell you about their free training, website design tools, hosting, consultant and maintenance services.

First A Little Background

Bruce Eckman is the founder of EZ_Net Tools
Bruce Eckman, founder of EZ-Net Tools.

Ez-Net Tools has  been around from the1990’s helping website businesses. Bruce Eckman is a website entrepreneur and the founder and CEO and committed to helping others design beautiful and profitable websites

Bruce is confident that with the use of his tools you can create a website for yourself and do it without the help of a professional website builder or any knowledge of HTML code. However, if you should need assistance, support will be there to help.

If you would like to find out more, please keep reading.


What Does EZ-Net Tools Offer?

  • Training Programs
    • Launch2Success
    • EZ-NetUniversity
  • EZ-Net Web Building Tools
  • Free Webinars and Videos
  • Professional Support
  • Hosting Service
  • Domain Name Registration


Let me go over some pros and cons



  • The video/webinars are interesting and informative

    EZ-Net Tools the good and bad
    What are the Pros and Cons of EZ-Net Tools?

  • The tools allow you to design a website to look as you wish
  • The domain name registration and hosting is very convenient
  • Fifteen plus years of website business experience.


  • Although the lessons are free the rest is not.
  • Web Tools have a bit of a learning curve
  • Scattered over related websites
    • Launch2Success
    • EZ_BusinessBuilders
    • EZ-Net University
    • EZ-NetHelp
    • Ez-NetTools


Who is EZ-Net Tools For?

This program is intended to help beginners build a website or website business from scratch. Not just for beginners alone; It is also of value to business owners wishing to have someone else handle the day to day management of their website, but still be able to update it if they wish. Small businesses wishing to update or improve the profitability of their site will also find services here.

Training/Tools Overview


Training includes:

  • Webinar/Videos Categories
    • Build a Great Website
    • Drive Traffic
    • Increase Conversions
  • Ez-Net Tools Tutorial Video


EZ-Net Tools includes:

  • EZ-Page Builder – web page creation software
  • EZ-Form Builder – build forms
  • EZ-Form Manager – keep a list of received forms
  • EZ-File Manager – upload and manage online files


These are only a few of the tools see the account comparison chart below for more.

Features of EZ-Net Tools Accounts
The various EZ-Net Tools Accounts have different features


How Does It Work?

EZ- Net Tools provides online software which enables you to design and manage a website. All the software tools are designed by EZ-Net Tools. Easy to follow videos instruct you in how to use the tools. There are tools for handling files and building webpages and much more as you can see by the list above. There is a free 30 day trial to try out the EZ-Net  tools and see if you like them before you buy. After the 30 days you will know if this is for you or not. If you decided to join just pick the website plan that best fits your needs; website, business or commercial.

PageBuilder from EZ-Net Tools
This is an example of a title block

One of the tools is the EZ- Net PageBuilder. It uses a system of blocks for different page elements, such as text, graphic, text and graphics and so on. The blocks can be placed in rows down the page, in columns across the page or nested inside each other for unlimited layout possibilities. Go into the Launch2Success website and watch “Building your First Page With EZ-Net PageBuilder” to see how this works.

With EZ-Net PageBuilder you have total freedom in the design and layout of your page. There is a bit of a learning curve and it is not quite as easy as some of the other web builders out there, but you have more control over the final design.  They also offer website templates or custom websites for a price. And they also offer hosting included in the website packages..

Whether you join or not you can still benefit from the training. This training is free to everyone with no signup required. I watched the free training and would recommend it especially if you are new to websites. The training is interesting and easy to understand


Support is available during business hours or 24/7 for-you guessed it-an additional price.

There is also their website management services. If you would rather spend time running you business and not the website, they will take care of the website for you. Different packages are available depending on how much help you want.

Ez-Net Tools Website Management
You can choose the a management support which will best help you succeed.



  • Basic Websites: $19.95mo / $29.95mo / $49.95mo
  • Business Success Packages: $49.95mo / $199.95mo / $399.95mo / $699.95mo
  • Plus there are add-ons and extras if you wish.


Final Opinion

This program looks like it might be good if you can afford it, but if you want all the bells and whistles it’s going to cost you. Kind of like buying a car. There are a lot of extras. I don’t feel this is as user friendly for beginning website business entrepreneurs as some of the other training programs out there. View this chart to see how EA-Net Tools compares with my highest scoring website business training program .

Rating: 94 of  100


Thank you for reading my review. If you have any comments or questions about EZ-Net Tools please leave a message below. I would love to hear from you.


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