What Is Keyword Research For?

Solve the mystery of what is keyword research and what is it for
You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find out about keyword research and what is it for.




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Let’s Remove Some of the Mystery Surrounding Keywords and Talk About What Keyword Research is For.

If you are here, you probably would like to know more about keywords. I am going to be telling you about keywords as they relate to the Internet.and websites. Why keywords are important for a website and how to go about finding ones that will help your website

First Lets Talk About Keywords in Relation to the Internet .

A keyword can be one word but it is usually a phrase. When you go online and search for football snack helmets or outdoor gas barbecue grills, “football snack helmets” and “outdoor gas grills” are keywords. Google, Bing or some other search engine will look at those keywords, and give you results based on what you typed in.

Use keywords to focus your audience
The more focused the keywords the more focused your audience.

Obviously the more exact  you are with your keywords the more focused will be your search results. If you want to buy a 2002 subaru outback, you can browse through the internet looking for “used cars”, but a search for a 2002 subaru outback will give much better results. Now suppose you have website selling used cars and you happen to have a 2002 subaru outback. How are you going to let people know, so they can find you and you can sell them that 2002 subaru outback? If you pages say “used cars for sale” they might find you, but if it says “2002 subaru outback for sale” your chances are much better. Also you want keywords that will attract buyers not people looking for information.


Connecting Your Website With People Interested in Your Content is Ultimately What Keyword Research is For


Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines

Wikipedia, Keyword Research


Keywords must be relevant to your website.  When you have a passion or a product and you are considering building a website about it, you need to research keywords to find out about traffic and competition  This is important because you want to rank on the first page when people are searching for your keywords. A position on the first page of the search results, the closer to the top the better, insures more people will find your website.

It is Important to Choose Keywords for Your Website With High Traffic, (or people looking for it) and Low Competition (few similar websites).

For example a keyword with 3000 searches a month might look like a fantastic keyword, but if there are already 500 websites, your chances of getting a position on the first page are not good. How often have you clicked on a search result on the second or even the third page? You are better off with a lower amount of traffic and very little competition. A high position on the first page, first position if you can get it is worth more than 3000 monthly searches that will never see your website.You must also go into the websites ranking above you and determine if

you want to spend the time necessary to rank above them. A low completion keyword with websites above you such as authority sites or e-commerce sites that are hard to compete against might best be avoided.

keywords are important for SEO
Keyword research can be your key to successful business growth on the internet


Each Page or Post on Your Website Can Have Keywords

For example lets go back to the used cars. Each used car you are selling should have its own page, such as the 2002 subaru outback. That way you will get traffic to your website from each of your used cars that people are searching for. This will increase the traffic to your website by each individual car. The more cars you make pages for, the more traffic you can expect to get. And when you set up these pages you would do keyword research; to see what phrases would give you the most traffic, with the least competition, for the best search results positions. Here are some possible keyword phrases{

  • pre-owned 2002 subaru outback reduced
  • used car subaru outback 2002
  • buy subaru outback 2002
  • for sale 2002 subaru outback
  • 2002 outback for sale good condition


Keyword Research Can Also Help When Deciding on Topics for Articles and Posts.

When you write a post or an article you are writing about something you are interested in that you want to share with others to amuse or inform them. You want to reach as many individuals as you can. Keyword research will optimize your chances of doing this.

Do keyword research on phrases related to your topic and pick the ones which works best to give you high traffic and low competition. Use the keywords for the title of your article, page or post and also use it in your first paragraph, This will help with your search engine optimization and placement in the search results pages..


What do You Use to do the Keyword Research?


Now that you know a little about how keywords work, where do you find the information? To do keyword research you use a keyword tool. If you do a Google search for “keyword tool”, you will find there are a lot of keyword tools. Some of them are free. Some of the free ones are:

Ubersuggest – will give you long tail lists of keyword suggestions for your starting keyword in alphabetical order. great for coming up with ideas but it doesn’t have traffic and comparison data

Ubersuggest gives alphabetical lists of keywords
Ubersuggest suggests long tail keywords in alphabetical lists.


Keyword.io – Similar to the suggestions you get when you type a keyword into the Google search box only more of them acheter du viagra avec paypal. the free version doesn’t offer traffic and comparison data but there are paid versions that do.

Keyword Tool gives lots or keywords
Keyword Tool can be upgraded to provide comparison and traffic data


Soovle -fascinating site which shows popular searches for your keyword from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Answers.com, Netflix, YouTube, The Weather Channel, Buy.com, Amazon, and eBay. Six more search engines can also be added. You can save searches and there is a button that will show the 10 most popular daily searches for several of the search engines. It would be fun just to do searches from here.Unfortunately it doesn’t have traffic and comparison data either.

Soovle gives many search engine results
Mulit search engine tool Soovle offers many search options and ideas for keywords


A Google search can be used to research competition and discover competing website numbers.

Keyword Optimizer Pro – free downloadable software. I have not tried it but it is supposed to be good.


There is also a very good paid keyword tool called Jaaxy which has even more features.

Jaaxy has extra keyword features
Jaaxy is not free but offers extra keyword comparison features.



Jaaxy offers 30 free searches. Just type in your keyword below to sign up for your free searches and try it out.


Thanks for reading this post. I  hope this has answered some of your questions on what keyword research is for. If you have other questions or would like to add a comment please leave it below and I will get back to you

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