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Wealthy Affiliate helping others
Wealthy Affiliate – helping others around the world succeed on the internet


Are You Wondering What is Wealthy Affiliate For?

I am going to tell you what Wealthy Affiliate means to me. And share my Wealthy Affiliate experience with you. But first I have a question for you. Are you interested in helping others?

If you were an internet entrepreneur knowledgeable in building websites and marketing, would you share that knowledge and expertise in an effort to help others succeed? I think you would. What is Wealthy Affiliate for? Helping others is the idea behind Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle and Carson, both successful on the internet, created Wealthy Affiliate to make it possible for anyone to build a website and become successful online. At Wealthy Affiliate there is an emphasis on community and paying it forward.  I am proud to be a member of that community and you are looking at my very FIRST personal .com website . If you would like a website too, I want you to know you can have one, just do what I did.

My Wealthy Affiliate Experience

I joined Wealthy Affiliate at the end of April this year and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned since then. Back in April, I wanted to find some way to make money online and I was pretty sure I would need a website of my own in order to do this. I knew nothing about building a website and quite frankly was intimidated by my lack of knowledge. I was recently retired and had little money, to speak of, for investment into an expensive training program. Plus I was leery of spending money on a program that might be a scam. Sound familiar?

I was looking for the impossible dream. A program that would teach me to build a website and then tell me how I could make money with it. AND it had to be free or nearly so. Well you know what they say,

Vizualize your dreams
The more clearly you can visualize your dreams the more likely they are to come true


Visualize What You Want and You Will Find It

Yellow rose
If you wish for what you want

It’s true. It has happened to me more than once. One time I wanted to get a gift for a friend who liked to garden. I knew she liked yellow roses so I wanted to get her one of those little miniature roses you see for sale everywhere. But it was February and I didn’t hold out much hope.  I had been thinking about it for weeks and then just before I needed the gift; I went to the grocery store and there they were in front of the store, the miniature roses, set out for Valentine’s Day.

It happen to me when we bought our Subaru and when we bought our truck. We didn’t go and order from a dealer either. We were looking for pre-owned and found just what we were looking for. So I am a firm believer in visualizing what you are looking for.

The Impossible Dream

So I was visualizing my impossible dream in the back of my mind; when while sorting through online scams for a possible legit opportunity, and the answer appeared. I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. It seemed just what I was looking for – – but it also seemed too good to be true.

Wealthy Affiliate makes dreams come true
I found my impossible dream
  • So I hesitated
  • and I procrastinated
  • and I searched for the hidden catch.
  • and I couldn’t find anyone saying anything bad about it.
  • and it was free to try it out.
  • and there were two free websites.
  • So I thought, what have I got to loose? I’ll just try it out and see what it’s like.

I Signed Up As a Free Member

I have to admit my hopes were not too high. I had had experience with other online training. I was pleasantly surprised when I set up my website on SiteRubix.com.  It was fast and easy! Just as it was promised. I still didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I did have a website and it was live on the internet. I watched the getting started video and I started in on the first lesson. It was easy to follow and I completed all the tasks. I was really impressed by the training and was getting kind of excited. Maybe this would work!

I started talking about it to my sister and after some pestering on my part, she decided to take a look too and soon decided to join also. When she tried to sign up, she ran into a snag because we were both using the same computer. When I asked the community if two people on he same computer could join, I was told they thought so and to ask Kyle. After sending Kyle a private message; he answered assuring me it would not be a problem. Sure enough in a few days my sister was signed up too.

And Then I Got a Big Surprise

I received an email congratulating me on my first commission. I was sure it was a mistake. I had not done anything to promote Wealthy Affiliate although I was aware you could get commissions by doing so. I barely had a website started. I sent an email to Kyle saying I thought there was some mistake. After thinking about it I realized I had been given a commission for my sister, even though she had not joined through an affiliate link of mine! I’m sure they could have not given me the commission and I would not even have missed it. I feel they gave me the commission even though they didn’t have to. I am glad they did.

Should I Go Premium?

I progressed through the free lessons quickly, but when they ended I was left with the felling that I needed to learn more. I had barely gotten started in learning about websites and the internet. I had the basic theory but the details were lacking. I needed more lessons so I took the plunge and signed up to be a Premium member. I could not have gotten where I am now without a lot of time and effort.  I could have learned this on my own, but it would have been very difficult. The Premium training is definitely worth the investment.

A website is work. It takes a commitment of time and effort. I must admit I have not seen a great return on investment yet, but I am hopeful. It is a cumulative thing and takes time to build.

Others have been successful view their stories of success

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

To me, Wealthy Affiliate is a great community and a great opportunity. I am glad I found it and would like to share with other retired people or anyone, on a fixed income or who needs extra money; the opportunity to learn about internet income through a free website. To this end, I bought the domain name “rich-retirement.com” and  am telling people about what I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate. It is an ongoing process. Hopefully it will be of benefit to others seeking to learn how to succeed on the internet. If you are interested in this you have come to the right place.

Read more about Wealthy Affiliate here

If you decide to chase your dream of financial freedom,  just join the community at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be there to help you every step of the way.

Work from your ipad
With a website business you can work from your porch.


Thanks for reading my post. If you have any comments or would like to know more about my experiences at Wealthy Affiliate please leave your comments below.








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